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What is OnStar?

When drivers want state-of-the-art telematics on their next vehicle, there’s a reason that they visit their Chevy dealer in Plainfield: nearly all new Chevy models come equipped with OnStar as a standard feature. But one thing we’ve noticed at Andy Mohr Chevrolet is that most drivers think OnStar just gives you turn-by-turn direction — the truth is that it’s far, far more than a navigation option.

We think it’s our job as your Plainfield Chevy dealer to show you everything OnStar is capable of, so let’s take a look at what OnStar can do for you.

OnStar Services

Emergency: Not only can you push a button and be connected directly to an OnStar representative who can patch you through to local emergency services, OnStar’s emergency crash notification system can contact the authorities if your vehicle has been in an accident. With crash notification and crisis assistance easily accessible, we want you to know that “emergency” also entails little emergencies like running out of gas or getting a flat tire—OnStar can send roadside assistance to you too.


Security: You don’t need to be driving a top-of-the-line Corvette to know that auto theft is a real worry, but OnStar gives you peace of mind. If your car has been stolen, OnStar’s remote engine locking system and stolen vehicle slowdown can make it easy to retrieve your car. Thieves don’t get far with vehicles featuring OnStar.


Navigation: OnStar is known for giving you turn-by-turn voice navigation, but did you know that it can also direct you to one of 13 million different points of interest across the country? If you like to have your trips planned out ahead of time, OnStar eNav lets you map out your route and have it sent directly to your vehicle so you’re not caught by surprise while your on the road.


Connections: Do you want WiFi behind the wheel? Most modern OnStar vehicles feature 4G LTE connectivity that broadcasts a WiFi signal directly to your vehicle—how’s that for a wireless hotspot? Of course, you can also connect to OnStar with the RemoteLink mobile app and the OnStar AtYourService concierge is just the push of a button away.


Diagnostics: If something strange is going on with your engine, OnStar can help you diagnose the problem, and if you’re the kind of driver who has trouble remembering to schedule your service appointments, OnStar can send you notifications in-vehicle and on the RemoteLink app to remind you to visit your Plainfield Chevy dealer for your next oil change or tire rotation.


Using Your OnStar App

While many drivers know about OnStar’s in-vehicle assistance options, the new OnStar RemoteLink app brings auto connectivity to a whole new level. Available in your Google Play or iOS stores for your Android or iPhone (as well as select Blackberry and Windows phones), this app serves as a kind of “super key fob,” letting you perform essential functions with just a few taps on your smartphone screen, including:

  • Remote start your vehicle
  • Lock and unlock your doors
  • Set your heating/cooling before getting in
  • Checking vehicle diagnostics and stats
  • Scheduling a service appointment

As you’re Plainfield Chevy dealer, we see quite a few drivers walk to and from their cars each day, and we’ve noticed that many of you already have your smartphones out. OnStar RemoteLink means you won’t have to fumble around for your keys again when you’re in a hurry.

OnStar Pricing and Plans

The majority of our new Chevrolet models come with OnStar already installed and with a free trial to see if its services are right for you, but we think you’ll love the services so much that you’ll be surprised to see how affordable an OnStar subscription is. There are three package options:

  • Protection: The base package starts at $19.99/month or can be purchased at $199.90/year and comes with automatic crash response and roadside assistance as well as a connection to OnStar Advisors 24/7.
  • Security: Stepping up to the Security package adds on stolen vehicle slowdown, remote engine locking, and more stolen vehicle assistance features, and it’s priced at $24.99/month (or $249.90/year).
  • Guidance: For the full OnStar experience, you take the Protection and Security packages and add on turn-by-turn navigation, 30 minutes of handsfree phone calls per month, and the AtYourService OnStar concierge. The Guidance package is $34.99/month or $349.90/year.

In addition to the packages, OnStar has three different individual upgrades you can add on:

  • Data plans for 4G LTE WiFi (plans available by usage, by day, or by year)
  • Handsfree calling minutes
  • OnStar Family Link for safe destination arrival notifications

Buy an OnStar-Enabled Car

It’s tough for us to think of a driver who wouldn’t love the conveniences offered by OnStar and OnStar RemoteLink, but if you’re unsure, let us show you what these systems are capable of. Andy Mohr Chevrolet is proud to be your Plainfield Chevy dealer, and that means setting you up with test drives of new vehicles and demonstrations of technology like OnStar.

Contact us to see how OnStar can enhance your life. You won’t know how you drove without it.